Lockdown due to virus

It may seem that a holiday home will have little risk during a lockdown and while the Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic is ongoing; but there are a few risks that must be taken into consideration that is outlined below:

Risk of Robbery in lockdown

  • While robbery is less likely as all the population is locked down, there will be potential for theft in homes and so it will be important to make sure the property is locked and alarmed if possible.

Check the property

  • Keeping an eye on the property is important. The one downside is that any maintenance companies will not be able to come and view the property to check on it. In this instance, it will be a good idea to make contact with any neighbors and ask them to keep an eye on the property during the pandemic.

Turn utilities off in second home

  • Should I turn off my water and electric during Coronavirus in second home? We always recommend turning off your water if you are away from home more than 7 days. The electric is not such an issue, but make sure you unload the freezer so you do not come back to gone off food if the power goes out.

Unoccupancy during corona virus

  • Make sure you have a high unoccupancy duration on your insurance contract. Usually, there will be 3 options.
  1. The first option is unoccupied for up to 30 days.
  2. The second option is between 30 and 180 days
  3. The final option is over 180 days
  • We recommend during this period to contact your insurance provider and ask them to upgrade to the 2nd option (between 30 -180 days) if it is not currently this option. Insurance companies will understand that as a holiday home it will not be possible for anyone to view the property during this Coronavirus lockdown. However, it is better to keep on the safe side and make sure you are abiding by the small print in the contract.

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David Bloomfield Started his career in the Spanish insurance sector in 2008 after working in London for Zurich Professional and QBE. He gained a degree BA (Hons), is a qualified broker (Corredor de Seguros) and in 2019 finalised a masters degree in Online Digital Marketing.

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