November 15, 2019

Insurance cover in Spain for necklace, pendant and chokers is important as these items are light and easily taken in event of a burglary. These items are usually very difficult to trace and can be easily sold by thieves.

Cover Necklace, pendant and choker in home

Under standard home insurance, it is simple to include these items. We always recommend naming the items on the policy if the values of the items are over 7000 euros. However, some companies will only require a total value of all the jewellery. If this is the case we will still recommend providing a list, valuations or receipts and photos. These will be kept on file and in the event of a robbery, this will enable an efficient and swift claim and payout.

Is it worth covering a necklace, pendant and chocker ALL RISK outside home?

The answer to if all risk cover is worth it will depend on how often the valuable items are worn. For example, if a chocker is only worn for special occasions then we would recommend leaving it off the list of all risk items.

Is it possible to cover some items under a general home policy and some items All Risk?

The simple answer is yes. It is a straightforward process to include some items that are worn less often for theft and damage in the home. Jewellery which is worn more often can be insured outside the home in case of loss or theft.

Can All Risk cover be included for outside Spain?

All risk cover can be covered for Europe or extended to cover worldwide areas. Obviously the cost will be affected if the area of cover is widened.

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