October 29, 2019

Protect your home !

  • Ensure that your home is secure and that your belongings are well insured, and never leave valuables lying around.
  • Install an alarm which is connected to a security center. We can recommend providers depending on your budget .
  • It’s advisable to arrange for someone to frequently check your property when it’s left unoccupied. Petty theft from a windown left open can be common in some parts of Spain.
  • Make sure each access point such as windows and doors, have a secure lock with a key. Metal bars or “rejas” in Spain are advisable if you live in a detached home. If you prefer to have an undeterred view, security shutters are an excellent alternative.
  • If you live in a ground floor apartment it is advisable to have metal bars or shutters,
  • Of course if you have a high value of contents or jewellery, you may consider an alarm and window protection even in an apartment.

Common questions

Question 1

“If I have jewellery where should I keep it in the home? “

Answer 1 = The best place to keep jewellery you are not wearing is in a safe. Low value items of under 6000 euros can be kept outside a safe. But please check this with your insurance broker.

Question 2

“I have some valuable items but do not want to install an Alarm. Will I be covered for valuable items with no alarm installed?”

Answer 2 = We always recommend an Alarm if you have items of value in the home, especially jewellery. However it is posible to have cover for these items with no alarm. The maximum amount does vary between diferent companies.

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David Bloomfield Started his career in the Spanish insurance sector in 2008 after working in London for Zurich Professional and QBE. He gained a degree BA (Hons), is a qualified broker (Corredor de Seguros) and in 2019 finalised a masters degree in Online Digital Marketing.

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