Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 

Optional cover is sometimes overlooked when taking out home insurance. It is however important to know what is standard cover and what is considered optional.  Key optional covers includes: All Risk, Accidental damage, excess water consumption, solar panel cover and many more...

If you rent your home you may think you are fully insured under a normal policy, however you have to include this as an option when taking out insurance. The cost is not excessive to include most types of rentals.

We only work with the best companies. Having dealt with most insurers on the market we have narrowed down the companies that not only offer great value but more importantly are efficient in dealing with claims.

Optional extras of cover: 

Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 1

Optional Accidental damage to Build and Contents

This type of cover is optional. It can be applied to buildings and contents. There is a possibility to have accidental cover to contents only and this is great cover if you have young children who may spill their juice on the sofa.

Accidental damage to building is excellent to have as it provides subsidence cover among other things. If the build is a new build then we would highly recommend it. 

Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 2

All Risk cover for valuable items

Having valuable items such as paintings, carpets, collections, antiques or jewellery (including watches) is a pleasure. However a standard policy will have certain limits in terms of the values of cover. Also standard cover will not include All risk cover. This means if the item is insured All Risk, usually jewellery or a watch and is lost or stolen outside the home then you will be fully compensated.

Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 3


DIY stands for do it yourself and is essentially a repair man service which is free! Of course the are certain conditions such as it being 1 service per year and a total of 3 hours free. This is great for things such as domestic appliance installation or putting together IKEA furniture. 


Rental cover (Landlord cover)

When renting there are different types of rental stays. Those being, short stays and long stays. As well as holiday lets and touristic rentals. Getting the right type of rental coverage will make sure liability is protected. Landlord defense is an optional extra, covering legal defense and nonpayment of monthly rent by tenants

Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 4

Unlimited Electrical damage

Nowadays homes have more and more electrical wiring. In large homes which are a new build there will be a big investment in cabling. Having unlimited cover here will mean that any fire or power surge, will not put you out of pocket for repairs. 

Optional cover- Accidental damage, landlord cover and more 5

Excess water consumption

Having a large water bill is disconcerting in 2 ways. Number one is the large bill itself! Number two is it means there's a leak somewhere. Standard policies will always cover the search cost for leak and repair. However the water bill is something which can be included as an optional extra. 

hiscox home spain

Hiscox - High value cover

Hiscox underwrites international businesses, via the Lloyd’s insurance market, with over 100 years experience in the insurance sector.

  • Unlimited Home Insurance cover. To help make sure you're never under insured, our home insurance provides unlimited cover.
  • Accidental damage for your buildings and contents included as standard
  • Exceptional claims service. Claims are handled very swiftly with little in the way of obstacles for processing payments. 
  • Contents Insurance covers individual items or sets up to €15,000 as standard. This comes in very handy if you have many valuable items in the home and do not have the time to get an assessor to visit your home and do a valuation of each item. Added to this it gives you peace of mind that you will not miss any item of high value that you did not remember to name on the policy.
  • Tailored high-value jewellery and watch cover
    You don't need to list them or buy separate cover. Although we always recommend giving a general description of the items 
Zurich Home Insurance

Zurich Insurance - Excellent All round policy

Zurich Home Insurance Is a company that have a long history of providing first class service when you need it most. Their claims service are among the most efficient in the insurance industry in Spain. You can rest easy with a Zurich policy knowing all worst case scenarios are covered

  • Unlimited Home Insurance cover
  • Accidental damage for your buildings and contents
  • Exceptional claims service
  • Contents Insurance covers individual items or sets up to £15,000 as standard
  • Tailored high-value jewellery and watch cover
liberty home

Liberty Seguros - Great General cover

Liberty Seguros is part of Liberty Mutual established since 1912. They are committed to providing broad, useful and competitively-priced insurance products and services to meet customers' ever-changing needs.

  • Great Value policies for all types of properties
  • Specialists in Providing landlord defense and legal insurance
  • All risk options for contents and build including subsidence cover 
  • Low or high excess options
  • Many optional extras such as solar panel and excess water consumption cover
  • Options for a basic cover at great price that still provides comprehensive insurance coverage

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